Wonder Why I Hate Community Associations?

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

I know and I manage them! I can tell you that I couldn’t live in one though. While I completely understand why they exist and in most states they are required or funding won’t happen, they turn into nothing but a situation where some members of the association really don’t know how to play well in a sandbox. I have NEVER seen people act more rude or silly as I have in dealing with situations.

This morning I heard on the news that some county in Detroit – granted this is a city ordinance but I can tell you no different than associations – a poor lady decided to plant a garden in her yard where an old planter had been and guess what? She’s going to court on July 26th. I tell you what it brings back all the bad memories of managing associations.

Yes, you may ask if I’m going to have real life situations in my Pinked books  – of you bet and while some of the names have been changed and the situations camped up, they really happen. People really do threaten managers with guns when managers come onto your property. They really do sue their neighbors over the color of flowers and yes there was one association I worked with that would only allow things like a single yard ornament that couldn’t be taller than 15 inches. When I got reports of the Architectural Gestapo going out and measuring statues and then reporting to me that Mary and Jane’s and Bob’s were taller and I needed to do something about it immediately – well, let’s just say drinking was involved.

Believe it or not this started a barrage of hate mail back and forth and certain items being stolen from yards (I kid you not) and then what did my very creative violators do? They buried one or two inches in the mulch and the wording of the rules didn’t prohibit this little maneuver. Interesting eh?

I have stories upon stories and what I hate the  most is that the majority of folks that are Board members treat association managers like they know nothing. They believe that because they were an attorney or accountant or Indian Chief in their previous life that it means something MORE. Here’s the funny part. The majority have never read their governing documents.

Well, enough of my rant for the day. PINKED will give you the campy side of all the little murders that we as association managers think about when the 25th call of the early morning comes from someone or the 150 emails on the weekend that the homeowners KNOW you’re going to answer.

I do write this under a pseudo but… you all will know who I am. Coming December 1 from Rebel Ink Press – a series about Leopard’s Pointe – a gated multi association community in the heart of Chesterfield County Virginia and yes, it’s designed around two that I know well…  Aren’t I a tease?

Chow   xxx



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