Who Are the Hot Men from Pinked? Take a Taste…

Posted: August 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Howdy my luscious children. I thought I’d start giving you a taste of my hot men in the Pinked Series – they’re hot and saucy and a tough on the rough-hewn side. Let’s take the first taste of Mick St. Simons. I created this guy with all women in mind. Who doesn’t love a hunky man from down under who rides a Harley, is six foot four, drives a Viper and owns the hottest restaurant and nightclub in the history of Chesterfield County Virginia?

What’s his story? Originally from Australia, he owned a successful ostrich farm until one day a man found him deep in the countryside of his home town and handed him a copy of a will from his grandpappy and one Mick had never met. Just what was willed to him? A biker bar in the United States. Curious, he came to our illustrious country to find out about the Flamingo Rustler. In poor shape from lack of attention, Mick knew he hand his hands full.

Not only was the joint run down with very few customers but there was a caveat to the will – Mick not only has to own it for five full years before selling but he has to keep a portion as a true biker bar. Undaunted, Mick made the choice to move and spent money refurbishing the bar, turning it into The Flamingo Rustler. Hiring a well known but rather arrogant chef, Mick’s reputation climbed Soothing the savage beast, Mick created Lucifer‘s Lair – the man cave and required biker bar and you never know what happens in the secluded men only location (hint for Cassandre Dayne lovers – where do you think Tales from Lucifer’s Lair came from?)

A lady’s man, Mick has a heart of gold, a killer smile and the sexiest blue eyes you’ve ever seen. Look for him to be included in every book.

Tyler Deverall is a detective with the Chesterfield County Police Department. He’s a rough and tumble kind of guy with dashing blue eyes and shaggy dark hair. Forever the pessimist – his sometimes surly attitude comes from a recent divorce and a hunger for passion. He drives a supped up Black Dodge Ram and enjoys all things about the 80’s.

Tyler is shoved into the world of community associations with the brutal murder of the Leopard’s Pointe developer, William Barrington, who was impaled on the community’s pool gates. Shoved full of all things pink including stuffed pink flamingos, Tyler knows he has a wacko on his hands. Enter one Community Manager. As soon as he meets the Association Manager, Nicky French – he’s in love – but the ballsy woman wants nothing to do with him.

What’s a guy to do? Woo her of course but instantly he’s well aware that his chief rival is none other than Mick St. Simons and instantly the two men have a love/hate relationship. Still, he’s excellent at his job and muddles through the day to day tasks with a bull in a china shop flair.

At some point Nicky takes notice…

We’ll learn a little about what makes Nicky tick later. I hope you’ve enjoyed a little taste and remember to hold the date – Pinked will be released on October 17th from Rebel Ink Press.

Ciao babies…


  1. Marianne says:

    this is awesome

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