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Oh I knew that headline would grab you!  Seriously we all love cop shows and sexy men who seem dark and dangerous. There’s just something scintillating about a man holding a guy as long as it’s in a situation that’s fake. Right? In penning the stories for the Pinked series – this is no different. While the series is certainly campy and fun, there are still some pretty creative murders happening using everything from weedeaters to epoxy, landfills to bubble wrap and as you can imagine, I need a cop to keep these wicked criminals at bay.

I also wanted to make my cop not so perfect cause none of us are right? No including the majority of men we know and love. We love characters who are just a little bit flawed and perhaps a touch needy. Tyler Deverall is a really good guy who had his heart broken in a difficult relationship and it trying to find his way while doing his job as a detective. And he does it well. He has great friends, a nice home – albeit messy – and a good time. But he’s lonely. When he meets the very brassy and opinionated Nicky French he’s hooked. Too bad she wanted nothing to do with him, or did she? Of course as you can imagine they spar and tempt but do they taste?

Find out what happens the night Tyler doesn’t get the girl..


Tyler wasn’t sure that it was night or day. If and that was a huge IF, he could figure out the different in night and day he might be able to know what to think. At that horrible wretched moment, he wasn’t sure he knew what his name was, let alone able to speak. The beading light was nothing but torture. He groaned and realized he was in binding clothes. Where the hell was he?

“You look positively green,” the dark voice chuckled as a face loomed down over Tyler.


“That would be me, your best friend and savior. I have coffee for you. We’ll get you an entire bottle of aspirin later.” Tyler grinned down at him, waving the cup of coffee under his nose.

Tyler groaned. “What the hell happened?”

“Well…the mack truck wasn’t registered so I’m not sure who you’re going to sue.”

Tyler grabbed at the coffee. What had he done to himself? Jackhammers were going off inside of his head. Fleeting thoughts ran through his mind. The bar. The dancing. The meeting. The drinks. Nicky. Nicky! “Oh god you didn’t? You couldn’t?”

Thorne stared down at him. “Didn’t what? Drag your ass here so you wouldn’t be tempted to kill yourself? Yeah, guilty as charged if that’s what you’re asking.”

“No…the girl. The woman. Nicky. You didn’t!” God he could just see Thorne…and Nicky…oh lord. ”You and…Nicky. You didn’t…I mean, she’s not in…there…in the bedroom?” He couldn’t even say the words and the pointing was useless.

    Thorne chortled wickedly. “What, you think I have her stashed in the back room? Yeah, let me pick up my very drunk best friend and the girl he wants to fuck more than any little piece of ass he’s ever seen and bring her back here to bang her brains out while my good friend is passed out on the couch. God buddy, what do you take me for? Not that she isn’t one fine looking woman. I’ll give you that. I could indeed enjoy a saucy taste of her. You tried to get us to do the nasty. I must admit I was tempted. Mmmm…”


“What? You started this. You made no holes about it buddy, you wanted to do a threesome last night. Made sure we all knew it. The entire room knew it for that matter.”

“What? Oh hell. What she must think of me. But you didn’t?”

Thorne laughed. “No, Tyler, I may be many things but that I refuse to do. She was pretty darn concerned about you though.”

“She was?”

“I thought you hated the woman.”

Tyler sipped the coffee and his stomach revolted. He was not drinking again for another year.

Tsk tsk old friend of mine. Drink more of that. You look positively pea green. What the hell were you drinking anyway? Didn’t you have that meeting for the association?”

“Tequila I think and I was…not myself last night.”

“Because of the brooding big guy that had his eye on Nicky?”

Tyler moved too quickly and gulped for air. The coffee sloshed against the cup dangerously close to the edge.

“That’s what I thought.”

“What do you mean?”

Thorne sat down on the edge of the couch. “You like her man. I knew that the moment you said something about her. And the guy at the bar wants her bad. The two of you were pawing on her like vultures.”

For some reason every molecule inside froze. Maybe it was the headache whamming his head into a frenzy or the fact he slept on Thorne’s couch turning him into a pretzel. Either way, Tyler didn’t like the concept. Why?

“So tell me, whatcha gonna do about it?”


The one woman that I’ve seen you look at more than once since…”

“Don’t say her name to me.”

Sa-man-tha. There I said it. Time to get over the bitch.” Thorne sighed. “Besides, Nicky is one hell of a looker.”

Damn it Thorne!”

“See, you’re already over the ex already.”

Tyler growled. He wasn’t sure what the hell to do, but he did know one thing, Thorne was right. Damn him, but he was right. He wanted Nicky bad.

Oh don’t worry – he gets another chance.

Hope you enjoyed!

Ciao   xxx



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