Pilates, Pumpkins & Pussycats

Posted: October 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

And yes that’s the name of my snazzy little place that sells everything for your sexual knees just outside of Leopard’s Pointe. Owner by one bodacious Peggy Lou Barker she gives new meaning to the word wicked. It’s not too long before the release of the first book and I am a little over half finished with the second so here’s a sexy taste of just what our cop gets himself in the middle of…

“Sheila. Are you sure this name’s correct?” Tyler stood holding up the doorframe frowning at the report.

Sheila glanced up from her computer. A college student, she was interning for the summer. A whiz on the computer, she was going to make one hell of a detective one day. “Yeah. Ever heard of the place?”

Pilates, Pumpkins & Pussycats? Hardly. Let me guess, erotic?”

She grinned. “Very.”

Don’t tell me you frequent the place.”

“No, well I went there to get a saucy little present for a friend who’s getting married. It’s actually quite tasteful.”

“It’s located on Jeff Davis Highway. How tasteful can that be?” Not the best part of town at all, there were more prostitutes per square inch that almost any other part of the city.

“You’d be surprised, boss. They have a huge old house that they’ve turned into a hot little number. They sell all kinds of lingerie and not the cheap kind either. Sure, they have some sizzling erotic toys likes whips and nipple clamps and the best selection of vibrators I have ever seen, but they also do costumes for parties if you get my drift.”

Why was it that Tyler was blushing and Sheila was completely comfortable? For the briefest of seconds he allowed his mind to wander. He shook his head. “Great. So on top of everything we have a killer who frequents erotic establishments.”

“They carry the best shoes for chicks in the business. Every stripper in town goes there for their attire. They do a great business.”

“Sheila, you’re what about twenty-two? How do you know so much about this?”

Sheila blushed and gave him a nefarious little smile. “I’m twenty-three and my sister’s a stripper.”

Tyler knew his eyes were now saucers. He gulped. “Okay then. I’ll take your word for this. Anywhere else the killer could have gotten the shoes?”

“Probably mail order but I haven’t found that particular heel yet. They’re fairly unique even in slutty standards.”

There are standards for sluttiness? Now he’d heard it all. “So a little trip to the place isn’t such a bad idea?”

She shrugged and then grinned at him. “I dare say I think you’d like it. Besides, you could pick up something naughty for your gal.”

Yeah right. “Good work. Keep digging for the internet option in case.”

“Will do boss.”

“And Sheila, don’t call me boss. Tyler will do. Makes me feel very old when you do that.”

She smiled. “K boss.”

He gave her a scowl and walked back into his office. The place even had a website. Amazing. He sat down at his computer and typed in the address. The vibrant fuchsia home page complete with erotic music pounded into his wicked little mind. Wow! He had to admit, the folks had spent some money on the site. The artwork was richly designed and the home page set a naughty stage.

Tyler flipped through several pages. Glancing over the toys, blazing trickles of heat crept into his face. Sexual toys. Hell, he was one of those guys that wanted to keep a woman happy all by himself. Yet he had to admit some of the contraptions looked a bit interesting. As he was staring at the selection of butt plugs, he felt a presence behind him.

Her shit-eating grin matched the gleam in her eyes. “Boss, I forgot to tell you something.”

He blinked several times and tried to act natural. “Yes?”

“The erotic community is real closed mouthed. You know, not all of it is illegal or anything but some of the home folk aren’t happy about sinful little delights. If you get my drift. I wouldn’t go all guns a blazing cop style into the shop. They’ll shut down completely.”

“Then what do you suggest?”

“Take a girlfriend. Buy her something and ask about the shoes like she’s interested in finding them for some special party or even if you’re game, tell em you guys are heavily into BDSM,” she giggled. “That’s the only way that you’ll learn anything.”

Tyler glared at her. “Girlfriend huh? You volunteering?”

She looked surprised. “I would be happy to except they already know me there and they know I’m into girls. Sorry.”

If Sheila had told him she had two heads, he would have been less surprised.

“Don’t look so embarrassed. I’m not. It’s not that your kind aren’t cute or anything but I haven’t found a man yet who can do it for me.”

His kind? He gulped. What the hell? “Thanks for the tip.”

“No problem.” Sheila turned to go.

“Oh and by the way, we don’t go in with guns blazing. That’s in the movies.”

She turned and gave him her most sinful smile. “Sure, boss man. Oh, and I’d go with the small one first and work your way up.”


She nodded to the computer, her eyes full of mischief. “The butt plugs. You start too big and it’ll really hurt. That’ll turn you off for the real thing. And that can be so much better.”

It took Tyler a full minute to figure out what the hell she was talking about. As the wave of crimson swept over his face and neck, he could hear her wild laughter in the back of his mind.  “Shit!”

Don’t you just want to cuddle with him?




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