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Well you knew I was going to have to give you some other steamy snippets from my upcoming release, right? Pinked is due out on the 17th and I must admit I’m terrified of this one coming out. Going to finish the snazzy little video this morning so… But here’s a taste of Nicky waking up and the realization her world as she knew it has gone made – association style…

PINKED – Where association living is dangerous to your health

Nicky stood under the showerhead and heard the phone ringing at least four different times. Christ. It was barely seven in the morning. She had one hour of sleep, no coffee yet and the hangover was somehow still making her fuzzy and cranky. Although the rich aroma of fine hazelnut wafted through her entire townhouse and warmed her chilled blood, it quickly sizzled when she realized she was on the morning news. Great. There was nothing like back leather and parading goofballs to start your morning off.

Eyeing the television she dressed quickly, fixing her hair and makeup in a near blur and had the second cup of coffee in hand when the next shot of the community flashed across the screen. The ordeal which would undoubtedly shake the entire city of Richmond for the appropriate fifteen minutes of fame was thrown under the Breaking News headline.

Oh God, she was embroiled in the middle of it.

“And our breaking news this morning. The world famous developer of several well acclaimed community associations throughout Virginia, William Barrington III, was found murdered in the wee morning hours in one of his own communities, Leopard’s Pointe. Our ace reporter, Ruby Dettrix was on the move late last night at the crime scene with the Detective in charge of the case, Tyler Deverell and the Community Manager, Nicolette French.”

Okay, world famous? And ace reporter? Ri-ight. She understand the media has a difficult job but calling her Nicolette? She hadn’t gone by that in years.

Growling, she stared at her face glaring into the bright lights and realized street walkers looked better on camera.

“Tell me Nicky, what do you think happened here?” Ruby smiled.

Nicky shook her head. Ruby had the damned microphone smack in her face.

“I would hate to speculate on that, Ruby.”

I would hate to speculate on that? What did she think she was doing? Nicky eased onto the bed, her body shaking and the cup sloshing.

The camera panned wide enough that the harsh lights videotaped a clear shot of the bloodied dead body, catching a glimpse of the fuchsia pink coloration. So much for good press for Leopard’s Pointe for a long time. Seeing Tyler’s face gave her a smile. As the newscast continued, she watched the crowd’s reaction with amusement.

“Why yes. It’s quite a picture, wouldn’t you say?” Ruby’s sparkling smile was too much to bear that early in the morning. Turning toward the detective Ruby turned on her sex appeal.

Why did she look like a fairy princess after several drinks, a strip tease act and less sleep than Nicky had?

Tyler cleared his throat and Nicky could see just how nervous he was.

“Well, clearly he met his demise in a violent manner, Ruby. However we should allow the police to do their jobs and wish the family well.”

“He had two sons, correct?”

“That’s the family I knew Ruby. He could have more,” Nicky said, glancing down the length of Tyler.

He wasn’t well liked, was he?” Ruby asked.

Nicky smiled for the camera. “Now Ruby, I’m definitely not going to speculate on that.”

Ruby’s smile gleamed as she turned toward Tyler. The ugly lighting hit him like a brick. His eyes dilated and Nicky could see everything caveman was thinking. And there went Ruby, licking her lips and looking divine.

“Detective…Deverell. That’s correct?”

It never ceased to amaze Nicky how Ruby could drip sex with any word out of her crimson swollen lips.

“Ummm…” Tyler cleared his throat and managed to look as comfortable as a chicken in a lion’s coop. “Yes. Detective Tyler Deverell.”

“What’s next on the investigation, Detective?”

“No comment.” Tyler rolled his eyes and the camera captured it.

Nicky giggled. Well, at least she wasn’t the only one that looked like an idiot.

“We’ll bring you more as the story unfolds.” Ruby smiled brightly.

The damn phone rang and Nicky resisted the urge to kick it to hell. Barely seconds later her cell phone went off. Grabbing her iphone, she gazed at the incoming call. It was her boss and it was barely seven-thirty. She put the phone down and walked into her brightly lit kitchen. As she gazed out the window, Nicky realized she was so very tired and needed a real vacation. And desperately needed to get laid.

“Aarrgghh!” Glowering, she sipped her coffee. Already bitter, she poured the thick brew into the sink. Where had life gotten so off track? Ten years in the association management business was a very long time. No, it was very long with a capital V. The statistic screamed that three years managing associations and you burned out like a light bulb in hell. She had seen colleagues go down in blazing glories of alcohol and drugs. After the long night meetings managers craved a long tall glass of vodka and sleep. Passionate sex or any other kind of nightlife was for the beautiful people in movies.

Wonderful ecstasy had eluded her over the past few years or maybe she was avoiding intimacy. Who knew? But she wasn’t a raving alcoholic yet and while she had tried cocaine, it wasn’t her bag. Nicky was a solid player in the industry holding the highest accreditations. In truth, she was one of only fifteen hundred or so with her designation in the country. Woopidy do and a scooby treat too. That and a quarter bought a snowball’s chance in hell of surviving another five years. She kept the articles about boys gone wild in associations just to remind her she was human.

What had the last idiot done? Oh yes, skewered his association Board Treasurer at a pool event. The coloring had been perfect on front of the Tuscan newspaper when they led him away in a straight jacket.

What do you think? The day only gets worse…

Ciao   xxx


  1. Excellent writing as always. Another winner

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