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Well since Pinked was just released and I also got the sexy little cover for The Flamingo Wrangler (Five o’clock Nowhere) I thought I’d give you a sassy little taste. It’s funny, I’ve been asking about if some of my association members just might recognize a little bit about them in the book – hmmm… well they’re there – just a bit more lively.

Come take another taste and in truth – managing associations can in a very interesting task because of personalities. So many people feel they know much more than others do. Here we go…


Mick grumbled and strolled down the stairs. It had been awhile since he’d been out of his signature black, tight – skin-tight jeans for a real honest to goodness date with a woman who he wanted to get into her…tight little mini-skirt. But Nicky deserved the best. A new pair of crisp cream linen pants and a deep turquoise shirt matched his…now what did Nicky call them as he was hovering over her naked? Oh yes, the most stimulating dancing blue eyes she’d ever seen. Sexy, Sinful, and downright delicious. He was the one for her all the way. You betcha. He was the one who would steal her heart away. That is if he could get past tonight.

He puffed up and stared at the skittish UPS guy. Oh bloody hell who the hell was he kidding? Being in the running with another guy and one he actually figured out he liked did nothing for his very manhood. No, Tyler Deverall, Homicide Detective extraordinaire, was possibly making more headway than he was. Damn the shaggy headed man with the boyish grin.

“Looks like someone sent you a goody bag, Mick.” Froggy nodded toward the package. “My guess by the saucy chili red lips placed on the return address area right there, you’re gonna just love what’s inside.”

Mick flashed Froggy a snarl.

“I just need ya’ll to sign here.” The UPS man held out his handheld.

“Since when do I gotta sign for a package?”

“Since the little filly decided that you had to before she’d let it go I guess.” Puff ball held out a pen.

“Little filly, eh?” Mick started to smile. Nicky was a surprise all right. The kind of “filly” he could spend more time with. If only Nicky would allow him to. No, she had certainly made good on her promise after the surprise mud-wrestling event he and Tyler had forced on her. Why he had thought the little money-making charity even would turn her head and force her hand was beyond him. She’d kept to herself these long four weeks. Thank God, her good sense or good graces or pity on at least him had taken over. Wait… A pity date? Shit!

The UPS guy stared up high at the very tall muscular blond man with obvious envy and shrugged. “Sure enough with lips like that on a package I sure hope you don’t got a man sending that kind of package to you. That would be a damn shame, now wouldn’t it?” A chortle from the red faced man brought Mick’s harsh eyes and angry face down to his.

The now shaking driver gulped and Mick could swear he heard the guy’s knees knocking.

“Oooohhh, I’m shakin’,” Froggy chortled.

“If I were you little service man, I’d take your pen, your name card that tells you who you belong to and your brown ugly truck and leave while you still can.” Mick was only kidding, but the man about to loose his cookies didn’t know it.

UPS man stared up and down at his solid six foot four inch mass and choked. “Ssssuuuurrreeee. Ssssooooorrry.” He scuttled backward toward the door as the sultry blond waitress gave Mick a nasty look.

Nothing like having your own waitress giving you the evil eye. But Candy knew how to drill any man into the floor. Thank God for that.

UPS man hit the door running full out. Who knew pudgy legs could fly that fast.

Mick chuckled and gazed down at the package.

“A little hard on him there weren’t cha, boss?” Froggy smiled, his eyes twinkling. He leaned over the bar and pushed the package closer. “If I’m not mistaken, and I usually am not, you’re going to get laid tonight. And might I say thank God for all of us.”

“If I didn’t like you so much Froggy my man, I would kick your ass from one end of my bar to the other.”

“Funny how you keep reminding me it’s your bar.” Froggy laughed.

Mick was nothing but a good natured sexy guy who kept all the women coming back to the bar, including the cronies from across the street. Unfortunately, the single beautiful woman who’d stolen Mick’s heart and parts of his body had remained AWOL – Nicky French. The wafting cologne and stud muffin attire was nothing but a bright beacon screaming Mick had a date.

“So hot date boy, how about my hot new Pink Ivory signature drink on the house tonight for our rather interesting patrons?”  Froggy sniffed as he plunked fresh bottles of liquor on the counter.

“How about two only?” Like they needed ‘em any drunker. Mick started to growl when the thudding sound of the front door and a booming loud echo thumped throughout the joint. Only the pulsing surf music masked the power of the large arms that forced the massive steel back into the doorjamb. Mick stared as the wild crowd sauntered in the bar like they owned the joint.

“Oh shit, looks like The Flamingo Rustler will never be the same again,” Froggy hissed as he eyed the six humongous men with amusement. “Then again maybe they’ll mean another adventure tonight. Oh yeah, you already got one of your own planned.

“Froggy!” Mick snarled through clenched teeth as he gazed down the lot of the rough-hewn men. The term wild-eyed-burly biker took on an entirely new meaning when the six dudes strolled in. Mick eyed them cautiously. Not that the Flamingo Rustler hadn’t been a bar designed specifically for the Richmond Harley Riders of America when his grandfather owned the club. But that was several years, a complete restoration and a new chef later. And the sometimes multiple personality encompassing his nearly deranged Italian chef wouldn’t like to serve men who wore nothing but leather. Staring around at the gaping crowd of mostly association community leaders and their co-horts, he knew his life was going to hell in a hand basket in a hurry.

“Nice place.” The tallest of the bikers laughed.

Don’t you just love bikers?

Ciao   xxx



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