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In associations? I can give you MY answer – you bet. Well, not all of them of course but I can tell you that some are seriously off their rocker and don’t even know it. I’ve been asked several times just how much the stories are like real life – well, a few people who have read the book seem to see themselves in a few of the characters so what does that tell you? It’s been a good week – Pinked in out in E-book form and already a silver star recipient from All Romance E books. I am really thrilled but it’s going to take a while to really build a following. Thought I would at least give you a longer read today on Pinked to entice and tease and see what you think.

Also don’t forget to check out MacGyver’s page on here – he’s a real life dog belonging to the true girl who writes Pinked and he plays a central role in the series. He’s a perky English Golden Retriever and a delight all the time – well he is mischievous but – and he’ll tell you some stories along the way. Thanks for being a part of my Pinked world and I’d love to hear what you think!


Tyler watched every move she made as she walked away with Jake. That ballsy woman had him all hot and bothered and he no real idea why. Granted, Nicky French was sultry and beautiful but her attitude bordered on a bull in a china shop and for some reason she fascinated him. Leopard’s Pointe was something else entirely. The entire community bordered on insane.

Work to do, he moved inside the gates finally and walked to the scene of the crime. He had no idea what it took to get a man who was easily two hundred pounds not only positioned on top of six foot iron poles but to impale him with enough force to plant the entire tall spindle directly in the middle of his chest. Tyler started to wonder why they needed this kind of a fence to enclose a pool but then reality set in as the noise of the mob reminded him of the kind of people they were.

Pondering the ‘what if’s,’ Tyler stood back as the officers finished taking pictures of the dead man. Naked except for the blow up pink flamingo pool toy surrounding his waist and a goofy island hat similar to one you’d see at a Jimmy Buffet concert, the scene wasn’t necessarily something he wanted the papers to get ahold of. In his years of being a detective, he had a distinct feeling there was so much more to the case and while he had an instant dislike to the entire community, instinct told him he’d be spending a lot more time in the damning place.

Gazing across the perimeter, he studied the surroundings. There had to be at least two hundred or so pink flamingos in various sizes, shapes and types from plastic to floating toys. One thing was for sure whoever did the deed had a wicked sense of humor.

Tyler walked around the edge of the pool. Whoever had killed the man was no stranger to the community. While the guard at the front was no prize, he would certainly not allow a stranger into their midst, right? Making mental note to check the visitor’s log, he walked back toward the scene, grimacing as he gazed down at the bedraggled man. The comical statement was just that, a blatant statement. But why?

“Tyler. What do you think?” A photographer smiled and pulled a face.

“I think whoever did this hates associations.”

“Or just hates the guy?”


“Who is he anyway?”

Tyler frowned and looked around. There were no clothes. No personal effects and nothing that would indicate anything about the man except that he was very dead. “Well, according to the Board President he’s the developer of the community but that remains to be seen.”

“When’s the crime lab getting here?” the photographer breathed, rubbing his eyes.

“God I hope soon. The crowd is insane.”

“Would you believe I was propositioned by a little old lady?”

Tyler stared at him.

“No, not for sex. That one came from the chick in pink hot pants. It was from some old lady saying she’d pay me ten thousand dollars for copies of the pictures. Can you believe it?”

“Mark. I can believe anything after tonight.” Tyler gazed back over at the body. Well the crime boys would have their hands full. From the outskirts of the parking lot the blue lights of the crime scene vans hummed in the distance. “Thank God.” I want to get the fuck out of this nut house. Tyler strolled toward the gates and scrutinized Jake grilling Nicky. As he closed the distance he couldn’t help but think that the strawberry blond was a very interesting woman indeed.

Nicky noticed his stare and nodded, grinning wickedly.

“Miss, so you said that you manage this place. What does that mean?” Jake asked.

Nicky sighed. “Let’s just say I am a professional babysitter of large children.”

“I don’t see any children here.” Jake furiously wrote down everything she said.

“Um, let’s see. How do I explain this to you?” Nicky rolled her eyes.

“Jake. Guard the gate. And don’t let anyone in.” Tyler flashed a look at Nicky. Sparring with Nicky would push Jake into a corner. Jake’s intelligence scale was not high on the list and dealing with a ball buster like Nicky could take the spunk out of any man.

She held up her middle three fingers as Jake walked toward the oncoming vans. “Back at ya buddy. You hire the best boys in blue.”

Jake promptly walked to the gate and stood stoically, giving the two of them a less than gracious look.

“You behave and stay out of the way.” Tyler flashed a grimace. “I need to talk to the folks from the crime lab and I mean this, Nicky, stay out of the way.

“You know, I can see the less than intelligent brute guarding a strip club now. It would be a much better profession for the boy.”

“Why do I do this for a living?” Tyler groaned as several officers flanked his side. “Guard her so she doesn’t get into any mischief and for the love of God, keep the community out of the pool area.”
“Will do, sir,” the young officer grinned and glanced in Nicky’s direction.

Tyler raised his eyebrow before giving her a finger and walking toward the vans. “Hey, get out of here!” He snapped as a group of kids attempted to climb over the far end of the pool gates.

The group of officers took off down the darkened path.




Nicky glanced over her shoulder at the almost empty pool. It was now or never if she wanted to get inside. Grinning mischievously, she pulled her keys from her purse. Eyeing bruiser who scanned the crowd aimlessly, she slunk around the backside of the pool. There was a small service gate hidden behind some bushes and she had the keys.

She molded through the Leland cypress trees and made her way in the darkness around to the back. While she had hated the damn trees originally, tonight they were great cover. As she stole a glance around the perimeter known she had been undetected, Nicky pushed the key into the lock. Slipping inside, she stood watching in the darkness as the camera man walked toward the front. She was alone for the moment.

Inching slowly toward the body, Nicky fought nervous laughter as William’s predicament came into view. A true nemesis to all mankind, wouldn’t he be pissed? She knew the well educated man, such that he purported himself to be, wouldn’t appreciate being covered in pink flamingos. Or pink condoms for that matter. Nicky doubled over trying to keep her laugher at bay.

Let’s see. The last time she saw the man was when he rumbled out of his office to find his beloved son Parker pushing her over his red Mercedes convertible. Yeah, Parker thought they would have a little tumble in the hay. Grimacing, the ugly event had let her with a bitter taste in her mouth. Not that the hunky blond wasn’t good looking but when she looked up asshole in the dictionary, there was his bright shining face. Still, daddy had been none too pleased about their little seductive moment and she hadn’t quite figured out why.

The entire family lot was a womanizing group, which wasn’t why they were so hated in the community but it was enough to rustle her pink feathers every time she ran into them. Parker had actually called her a couple of names that day and none of them repeatable.

As expected, Parker never apologized. None of the old boys club liked her because she was too pushy for them. What a friggin’ shame. Nicky chuckled seeing the Mary K perfect pink lipstick on his lush lips. His mother would be so proud. She walked closer and reached up to push at the pink inflatable with the tip of her finger, gasping at the horrible thought and then breaking out into suppressed laughter. Not only had the murderer used pink condoms as a tourniquet on his limp little member but there was a lovely fuchsia bow perched on top. She giggled, pressing her hand over her mouth.

“Find something funny, Nicky?” Tyler asked softly, the deep timbre coming from directly behind her.

“Well, honestly yes.”

“Want to talk about it?”

“It’s five o clock in the morning. What I want is a long shower, a strong cup of coffee and perhaps a tall glass of champagne.”

“Why do I feel like jumping into the pool and drowning myself?” Tyler whispered. “So you didn’t like our vic either?”

“No. I don’t think anyone did but I had his type pegged three years ago.”

“What type is that?”

“Something you’re probably familiar with.” Nicky had no idea why the angry words flew out of her mouth. There was no reason to be so bitchy. Perhaps coming down from the last drink of…what the hell was it? Hmm…a bone crusher.

Tyler yanked her arm and then backed off immediately. “Look, I’m sorry I grabbed you but this is a serious case here and you’re getting in the way of the investigation. Nicky, are you listening to me? You need to leave the area. The crime boys are coming in.”

“Of course that wouldn’t mean you.”

“Are you always such a ball buster or does the term ice queen follow you around in the community?”

Nicky smiled and sauntered toward him, knowing he anticipated some hot fiery answer or perhaps a kick in the groin. For some reason she enjoyed the hell out of this game. Tyler was witty, intelligent as hell and good looking to boot. So why not play a little? Licking her lips, she gave him a come hither look. “Wanna find out?”

Tyler appeared stunned. “Did you just proposition an officer of the law?”

“Maybe, maybe not.” She could tell he opened his mouth to say something smart then the commotion drew his attention.

A man wearing a camera around his neck ran toward him. “Tyler. The damn press is here already! Why can’t we control these scenes?”



Both Nicky and Tyler said at the same time and stared at each other in a Mexican standoff.

It was Tyler that finally spoke after he dragged them under the streetlight huddled near the pool gates. “While we may not like each other, maybe we can help each other out. If you are the manager of this association then the press needs to see your face. That will make them feel more comfortable. With any luck your calm statement will ease their nerves. But missy, do not say anything about what you have seen here. Period. You got it?”

She stared into what she now knew to be the most beautiful shade of midnight blue eyes and batted her eyelashes. “Um, great he man detective. While I understand your authority in this case and respect what you have to do, you’ve already figured out I’m not a dumb blond so cut the holier than though act. Kay?” And for the briefest of seconds she imagined doing one of three things; one, beating him at a heady computer game, two, beating him in a boxing ring and three, having him pound her hard into a mattress. The naughty thought surprised the hell out of her. Tyler Deverall had effectively gotten under her skin.

He smiled coyly. “Thanks Mark for the warning. Lady, let’s just get through this single night and we’ll see about the rest. Besides, I’m pretty good at what I do.”

Her wicked grin fueled the fire.

Preening, Mark rolled his eyes and muttered under his breath. “Great. Now he finds a woman he wants to fuck.” He turned his heel and walked toward the awaiting news crew.

Tyler and Nicky both heard his comment and fought smiling as they gazed into each other’s eyes. Nodding, they walked toward the front gate as the new boys in blue brought enough equipment into the community to start a war.

“Oh crap!” Nicky stopped short and stared at the buxom red head smiling into a mike and holding court like the gorgeous woman she was. Damn it! It was her very best friend in the world behind the microphone and the one that had drawn her out of her shell and dragged her through every Richmond Virginia summer festival over the last three years trying to get her laid. Ruby Dettrix, ace reporter for the local newspaper and sometimes commentator for Channel 8 news was also a hot erotic writer known only to her friends at Kitten Worthington. The statuesque beauty stood looking perfectly gorgeous even though she couldn’t have had much more sleep than Nicky.

“This is not what we need,” Tyler hissed.

Ciao babies   xxx




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