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I love having a copy in Pinked – just try and imagine what his days are like when he’s trying to solve murders involving epoxy guns and weed eaters. It’s tough enough for normal activities – right? Now he’s also vying for the affection of one stunning community manager, Nicky French, with a hunky six foot five blond Aussie who seems to be winning. Let’s see how he takes matters into his own hands.


A booming sound erupted as the breath was knocked out of her. The lamp was the first to hit the floor and the picture second, shattering glass all around them. Their bodies fell to the floor and as the sounds melded together and he crushed her mouth with his, the front door flew open with a bang.

“Nicky!” The distinct sound of the gun cocking cascaded throughout the tiny room.

Mick and Nicky looked up from their precarious position and stared in horror as Tyler stood over them with guns a blazing.

“What…the fucking…hell are you…doing? Trying to…kill her?” Mick climbed off of her as he stared into Tyler’s wild eyes as both panted raggedly. He could barely get the words out.

“Me? Get the hell off of her!”


When Community Association Manager Nicky French received a call about one of her communities in the middle of the night, she knew something serious was up. Finding the developer of Leopard’s Pointe impaled on the iron pool gates surrounded by a sea of inflatable pink flamingoes, Nicky was stunned to find bonfires raging and the community rejoicing. William Barrington was the brilliant designer of the upscale multi-use community, yet apparently everyone wanted him dead. And there were too many suspects to name including every single homeowner in the community and his two sons.

For rough and tumble Detective Tyler Deverall to be called to a scene of a murder in the middle of the night was nothing unusual. And given the only thing keeping the owners from partying all night long and celebrating thus hindering his investigation was Nicky French’s tough stance, Tyler was intrigued.

As Nicky and Tyler set out to find the murderer, builders begin to drop like flies with each murder becoming more horrific and comical than the last. Set against the backdrop of Chesterfield County, Virginia, enter the realm (and sometimes nightmare) of one very special homeowner’s association – where living can be dangerous to your health. As Nicky and Tyler delve into the wild world of spray painted flowers, kinky sex, neon signs and a tango with the mafia, they soon learn that their understanding of humanity will never be the same. Who knew a glue gun could be such an effective murder weapon?

Hope you enjoyed

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  1. I enjoy continuin to read more of this story, especially the tension rising.

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