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Well, I do love my UPS men in any way I can get them. Mick – my sexy Aussie in The Pinked Series is getting a very special delivery today but you’re gonna have to wait until January I think to find out what. My twelve…

THE FLAMINGO WRANGLER (Five o’Clock Nowhere)

“Hey boss. Need your attention my man.” Froggy grinned as the UPS driver stood in front of him and called up the stairs.

Hissing, Mick shook his head but had to admit his number one bartender was right. The geeky brown outfit and tall spandex comfort socks did nothing for the flushed man, sweat dripping off his brow. The poor overweight boy looked more than a bit uncomfortable in the intense Richmond Virginia summer heat. “Behave,” he said as he snagged a glance at the package and even from the distance could see Froggy’s mind racing.

“Who me? I think the afternoon just got saucy,” Froggy chuckled as he brushed the tip of his finger across the seam his mouth, his eyes glinting mischievously.

“Uh-huh, mate.” Bartending for the now number one soon-to-be-wildest-theme-bar in the fair city allowed his brawny bartender certain interests of his own. And yanking Mick St. Simons’ chain was one of his favorites.


Mick St. Simons thought his day couldn’t get any worse. Unwanted and God knew unneeded Leopard’s Pointe Board members suddenly appeared, drinking shots of tequila while the entire Virginia Beach Society of Harley Riders camped in the middle of his bar, The Flamingo Rustler. But when he heard the massive explosion across the street and his bar became an immediate association clubhouse, he knew his day had turned to shit.

For Nicky French and Tyler Deverall, it was just another day at the office. Blown to bits by sources unknown, the center of the community and the beloved clubhouse affectionately called the “Zoo”, the Board demanded answers and they had to come fast. As hints of a mafia hit showered the airwaves, the community is placed on edge and takes matters into their own hands. Keeping the peace wasn’t a problem. Keeping the owners away from guns, battery powered hedge trimmers, poison and fire extinguishers was.

And when a much loved long term community leader ends up in the pool naked with a hooker and a bag full of drugs, well, all bets were off. As Mick struggles to regain his bar and Nicky and Tyler battle a possible drug lord, more bodies wash up literally. And then there’s the issue of pink silk panties. The clues are plenty and the suspects abound and somehow, the nights seem to grow wilder.

Hmmm…I do love my Aussie men…



  1. Like the description of the UPS boy. Powerful beginning for our contemporary times. Well written.

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