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Well, you know how I am with my kills. They have to be wicked and wild so here’s a taste of what happens with our sexy detective finds yet another dead body…or two.

THE FLAMINGO WRANGLER – (Five 0 ‘Clock Nowhere)

“Good enough.” As Tyler watched Spitfire move away he scrutinized the bodies and thought about the day he visited Take the Weight Off Sugar. He could almost bet that he’d seen one of the women in the background exercising — correction, supposedly exercising. So two mafia families, drugs and prostitution who were fighting to be King of the hill. Sounded like old home week at any suburban high school. Hissing, he shook his head. There were too many damn missing pieces and somehow they all came back to the community.

Tyler searched through the other bushes and surrounding area and other than finding several spent condoms, a bottle of cinnamon lube potion, two bottles of massage oil and what had to be a melted vibrator there was no other evidence that would indicate if the victims were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time or were the intended ones from the killer. Great, another damn killer in Leopard’s Pointe. He was never going to get another day off. From the top of the ridge he could hear actual cheering. While the sounds of almost partying should shock him in truth it just fit with everything.


Mick St. Simons thought his day couldn’t get any worse. Unwanted and God knew unneeded Leopard’s Pointe Board members suddenly appeared, drinking shots of tequila while the entire Virginia Beach Society of Harley Riders camped in the middle of his bar, The Flamingo Rustler. But when he heard the massive explosion across the street and his bar became an immediate association clubhouse, he knew his day had turned to shit.

For Nicky French and Tyler Deverall, it was just another day at the office. Blown to bits by sources unknown, the center of the community and the beloved clubhouse affectionately called the “Zoo”, the Board demanded answers and they had to come fast. As hints of a mafia hit showered the airwaves, the community is placed on edge and takes matters into their own hands. Keeping the peace wasn’t a problem. Keeping the owners away from guns, battery powered hedge trimmers, poison and fire extinguishers was.

And when a much loved long term community leader ends up in the pool naked with a hooker and a bag full of drugs, well, all bets were off. As Mick struggles to regain his bar and Nicky and Tyler battle a possible drug lord, more bodies wash up literally. And then there’s the issue of pink silk panties. The clues are plenty and the suspects abound and somehow, the nights seem to grow wilder.

Coming from Rebel Ink Press on January 17th

Ciao   xxx


  1. Intriguing combination of clues left behind…rather curious as to the burnt up / melted vibrator. I am impressed- lol

  2. Great 12 Dakotah, very descriptive

  3. Avril Ashton says:

    Dakotah darling, great 12!

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