Pinked, Love & Sex? Could There Be?

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Maybe… I do have one hot little romance moment in the middle of Pinked and it happens  to be a sizzling moment with Nicky French and my sexy Aussie. It’s perfect for the Valentine Day Hop and this fabulous day so step back and enjoy a very sexy taste of love.



When Community Association Manager Nicky French received a call about one of her communities in the middle of the night, she knew something serious was up. Finding the developer of Leopard’s Pointe impaled on the iron pool gates surrounded by a sea of inflatable pink flamingoes, Nicky was stunned to find bonfires raging and the community rejoicing. William Barrington was the brilliant designer of the upscale multi-use community, yet apparently everyone wanted him dead. And there were too many suspects to name including every single homeowner in the community and his two sons.

For rough and tumble Detective Tyler Deverall to be called to a scene of a murder in the middle of the night was nothing unusual. And given the only thing keeping the owners from partying all night long and celebrating thus hindering his investigation was Nicky French’s tough stance, Tyler was intrigued.

As Nicky and Tyler set out to find the murderer, builders begin to drop like flies with each murder becoming more horrific and comical than the last. Set against the backdrop of Chesterfield County, Virginia, enter the realm (and sometimes nightmare) of one very special homeowner’s association – where living can be dangerous to your health. As Nicky and Tyler delve into the wild world of spray painted flowers, kinky sex, neon signs and a tango with the mafia, they soon learn that their understanding of humanity will never be the same. Who knew a glue gun could be such an effective murder weapon?


The dream had been fantastic. A hot male body pressed against hers driving her insane all night long. She yawned and sighed. Nothing like waking up to a wanton wicked little dream to get your blood pumping in the morning.

Nicky stretched, unable to move. Licking her parched lips she sighed contentedly. And felt a hard body next to hers, arms curled around her waist.

What the? Her eyes flew open and the hit of sunlight cascaded down slicing through her brain in tiny pinpricks of hell. Where was she? More importantly, who the hell was she with? She eased away from the body with the barest hint of movement. Their legs were so entwined together and his thighs so heavy on hers, she wondered how she’d been able to breathe. Holding her breath she gained an inch or two at a time away from him.

Nicky closed her eyes and crawled two feet away, just giving herself enough room to turn around. She bit her lip and prayed silently. Her eyes fluttered open and she gawked. He was resting quietly, his long blond hair cascading over the most gorgeous set of pecs she’d laid eyes on. The heavenly sight of his beautiful chiseled face lying so quietly on the fluffy white pillow was nothing short of a dream — a long wet dream but not possibly reality. Mick, oh shit!

Nicky stared down at the heart of the man, her pussy quivering. Lordy lordy he was naked as the day was long. His perfect legs were not real. There was no way. Sculpted and carved, he was picture perfect. Yummy. She had no idea Mick looked this good. His stomach was tight and the soft hairs…the soft…pubic hairs framed a…holy shit! Nicky blushed and tried to keep from panting. He was half hard and the half that was, was…incredible.

Sucking in her breath, she fought her raging nerves. My God, did men honest to God look like this? Oh yeah baby. She bit her lip and fought the terrible urge to scream and cry. Then after that, plant a kiss on that hot, large number. Nicky was more than thrilled until reality hit her hard and heavy. She was naked. Glancing around the room it seemed a hurricane hit the inside of the house. More like a tornado clothes were strewn everywhere. Her lacy bra was draped over the top of the lamp next to the bed.

She couldn’t help but wonder why it hadn’t started a fire. Maybe they had lights on, maybe they didn’t. Oh fuck. She was in serious trouble. Sheets were ripped off the bed and left crumpled in a corner. His pants were…well, they were somehow positioned over several ceiling fan blades. And damn if she didn’t remember that experience. She had probably the best sex of her life with a heavenly Aussie that made Russell Crowe look like a two bit boy and she didn’t remember it?

Cursing silently, Nicky raked her hands through her hair. Oh my God! Hair? Hell, she wore a bird’s nest on top of her head. What had they done, had sex like wild animals? Gazing down the length of her body, her gaze settled on the black and blue bruise building on her thigh.  A strong wafting scent of sex permeated the room. Jesus! Sweet mother Mary, they’d fucked like wild animals.

What the hell was she going to do? She stared down at Mick, desire sweeping over her body. That was not supposed to happen. How did it happen? Sucking in a deep breath Nicky remembered Tyler leaving with Thorne and then she had a couple of drinks. Then her mind flashed to Froggy’s insane grin. Had they supped up her drinks? Did she care? She sighed and tried to figure out what time it was. Jesus, it was Thursday and she knew she had to be at work.

Sorry boss, I forgot to come in because I was fucking a gorgeous God all night long and I don’t remember a thing, let along I’m sore from the intensity of our playtime. Closing her eyes her statement was the truth. Her cunt was damn sore and she loved the feeling.

Aarrgghh!  She eased off the bed. Okay, so if she was in Mick’s bed then her car was not there, wherever she was. Sliding into the bathroom, Nicky groaned as she gazed into the mirror. The morning sunlight reflected her wild look. Holy cow. Whatever sex acts they performed, she was infused with sex and sticky from it. Passion was written all over her. Oh my lordy. Closing her eyes, she steeled her nerves before freshening up.  What was she supposed to do and how insulted was he going to be that she couldn’t remember that perfect cock of his?

She fought raging laughter just hearing what Ruby will say to her. You don’t remember a moment of that gorgeous hunk buried inside of you? Are you crazy?

Maybe she was. Splashing water in her face, she attempted to smooth her hair, gulping air as she tried to gather courage. Nicky gripped the counter and remained right where she was standing for at least five full minutes.

Throwing caution to the wind, she threw open the door. “Oh shit!”

Mick grinned. “That’s not exactly what you said last night. No, I think it was more like oh fuck do it again.” His dancing blue eyes raked down her body.

Nicky bit her lip and couldn’t resist the urge to stare at his now fully erect dick. Well, they had been intimate after all. Hadn’t they? God, he took studly to an entirely salacious level. My, my, what she could do to him and with him. The thoughts were so wicked. Why couldn’t she remember?

Chuckling, Mick handed her a small glass. “Here, luv. I think we both need this.”

Nicky bit her lip and took a sip. The orange juice was freshly squeezed. She sighed and gulped the tangy liquid. Yes, he was right but Nicky needed more than just the juice.

He leaned in for a kiss.

“Whoa, big man. I…well…”

“Nicky, we had sex like five times last night. The last time I thought you had killed me you rode me so hard. I think one kiss is in order.”

Five times?”

“Oh holy shit. You don’t remember? Do you?”

She frowned.

He laughed. “My goodness, not that I’m bragging, but I’ve never had this happen before.”

Nicky gulped her oj and bit her lip. “Sorry, Mick.” Her eyes wandered to his cock once again. Shit. Shit. Shit. He caught her blatant stare. What was wrong with her? She wanted him. Oh she felt like a naughty little girl.

“Come back to bed with me, Nicky.” Taking her hand, it wasn’t a request.

She stared into his dazzling eyes. “Why?”

“Why? You are seriously asking me why after what we… How about this, why don’t I show you what last night was? Now, I’m not sure I can get it up five more times right now. You banged the hell out of me, but…”

God his evil grin turned her on. “Um…”

Mick took the glasses out of their hands and placed them down onto the counter. “Oh no you don’t my luv.” Mick swept her into his arms and forced her legs around his waist. “I’m going to remind you why you’ll want to do this me with every morning and every night.” He threw her down on the bed and blazed a long trail down the length of her body with wildly hungry eyes.

Nicky pursed her lips, her gaze locking on his throbbing cock. Was his big creature going to fit inside her tight little pussy? She giggled remembering that he had already been there, so many times.

Mick knelt on the bed and smiled. “You ready for me, luv? I mean really ready?”


Like I’m said – I love me some Aussie men! I hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to stop by all the other sites!

Ciao  xxx



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