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Now you know what I’m talkin’ about. 

Hmmm… We’ve all done it, haven’t we? We fight and throw tantrums and aren’t certain why we do them. We’ve all seen it happen and the sad thing is that it’s occurring more and more lately and I think based on the Internet and the fact you can hide behind a computer screen so easily. I’ve coined a phrase and one I use in the Pinked Series – called being in the sandbox. You know what I mean, children playing and fighting because they can’t get their way. It’s funny when you think about it but it isn’t. I’ve seen some of the worst behavior in managing associations than I’ve seen anywhere. From people making fun of others to stabbing people in the back – it’s crazy. I’ve had tomatoes thrown at me because I was sitting next to a developer who wouldn’t spend his money to put in a playground. I’ve had screaming battles where the police had to be called. I’ve had to hire off duty security officers to stand at an annual meeting. And you might be thinking, these must be degenerate people. No. They are doctors and lawyers and accountants and the upper crust of society. Give you a little bit to think about?

My favorite thing is to have people who have little or bad memories to try and push the blame off on others. Case in point – my husband and I manage a small community of mostly older folks and the Board Treasurer (who in my opinion is a pompous ass who gets a little thrill saying my name wrong every time) never writes down notes and when he’s told something at least five times he continues to have that doe eyed look. Then when the situation seems to be calmed down he tends to fly off the handle in an email – conveniently sent OVER the weekend maligning management. It’s a favorite past time in associations. People love to use the managers as scapegoats. Happens far too often.

People living in situations really don’t think of managers as people who are trying to work for them. They sometimes are retired and have nothing better to do so they pick and pick at a situation and enjoy bringing it out in the open. The Treasurer doesn’t have the balls to really say something because he knows he’s wrong so he blind copies of emails to other board members. Now, in my book that’s slimy at best and childish in the least. Give me a break. We as managers aren’t trying to ruin your life living in your home and I know how important it is to you. We certainly don’t get paid to be your punching bag and we don’t get paid well at all. None of us do in the industry.

But we are trying to work together, all of us, to provide care and workmanship hopefully in a positive manner. Do you know how many times I’ve been screamed at, threatened at gun point, threatened in a lawsuit and banished off properties? What…just because I’m walking around as directed by the Board to find out how everything is going. If you think I’m kidding – nope. You ask, why would you do it? Can I say… I don’t have a real answer for that except when my husband and I opened our company we really thought caring and giving more was going to matter. WRONG.

You give more and people take more. That’s the way of the world. While we aren’t required to take calls after hours unless it’s an emergency, the email is 24/7 and most people think you’re sitting around waiting to answer them – weekends, holidays, you name it. I can’t get my husband not to answer and it’s stressful when people so thoroughly enjoy maligning you. It’s not professional and we do take it personally.

If you’re in an association or on a Board of Directors – just stop and think for once. Be kind and nice and actually stop to listen to the spewing of the mouth you’re doing. It’ll be much better for the community and you are trying to lead by example. Aren’t you? Sandbox behavior. We’ve all seen it and trust me we will continue seeing it. I’m lucky in that writing the Pinked series gives me a little outlet but trust me when I say – a lot of the stories are real, just embellished a bit but the types of bad behavior in my books really do occur. At least I get to kill them off with weedeaters in the stories!

Hope you enjoyed…

Ciao   xxx



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