There’s Just Something About a Golden Retriever

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

I absolutely love animals and am blessed right now to own two furry creatures who take over my bed and my life. In real life I have MacGyver and yes he was named for the rather famous actor/television in the 80’s. The guy could do almost anything with duct tape including making a bomb. You have to lover the guy. My little hero is similar – well, okay so he can’t make a bomb but he can do many other things.

He’s my little comic relief and when I was putting together the PINKED series I know I had to have a pump smack in the heart of my book and the real life personality was placed throughout. He was “born” so to speak in the second book and is proudly owned by my heroine and community manager, Nicky French. He’s adorable of course and adds comic relief. That’s one thing I love to do – add comedy to this piece. It’s funny as I write in several genres and of course I have the most fun with this one. Now you have to consider when you put animals into pieces things like – you can’t have them not be taken out unless you have a doggy door. They will get into mischief so add that in and what about food and water? It’s different.

So, I’m working on the third in the series and one day was looking at a sporting goods store add and notice an honest to God pink BB gun and you know I just had to put it in the middle of my piece. Can’t help myself. Imagine if the pup decided to tangle with say a cat or perhaps a skunk and our heroine knew how to take care of the situation…

Take a taste of Fuchsia Hot Pants and Pink Lemonade

Perhaps the stunned look in Tyler’s face was the best of the evening and then she he’d heroically tackled her to keep her out of the vicious jaws, priceless. She sighed as she thought about the odd guy living in the place. Granted, her personal records about the association members she kept at the house weren’t always update and by the time she got home she was blurry eyed, but the information not found was weird. She was definitely going to take a trip to Leopard’s Pointe and go back to the street where the murder had occurred. And she was going to talk to the guards to find out why the dump trunks had been in the community. Her sixth sense was working overtime.

Woof! Woof!

MacGyver’s rather agitated bark brought her back to reality. Slowly she eased out of bed, feeling every muscle as it screamed she’d had a hundred and eighty pound man drop his full weight on her – and not for anything kinky. She plodded into the living room and sighed. “And what are you staring at?”

MacGyver tipped his head and in his own way smiled before licking his lips. Drool dripped from his muzzle in such an egregious fashion she knew he was chomping at the bit to get at something.

“What? What do you see, boy?” Nicky walked to the back door and peered outside. While she couldn’t see anything with her human eye, she knew he thought there was something tasty outside.

Woof! Woof! Emitting a keening growl, he lowered his head and pinned his eyes on a clump of bushes nestled against the back of the fence.

“Do we have a furry friend out there, sweetie?” If the neighbor’s cat had made it into her yard again she was going to be pissed.

MacGyver snarled and dropped his head further.

She padded the top of his head. “It’s okay. Let me make coffee and then I’ll let you outside.” The second she walked away from the door he growled and continued growling and the barked. “Ssshhh…” Normally her golden was good as gold, except for eating the batch of poison and cumming on her pillow so that Mick would know who the man of the house was, but besides the little incidents, MacGyver was for all practical purposes perfect. Then again, she was a mommy dog.

He quieted down for a minute but as soon as she made it into the kitchen he started racing back and forth from the French doors to the low window in the den. Back and forth he paced, yapping and barking, over and over again until Nicky couldn’t take it any longer. “Enough!” Shaking her head, she stalked toward the back door and flung it open. “Go hunting, my sweet boy.”

Hunting? It was more like ripping apart the yard almost instantly and during flashes of fur and something else, she could tell a cat was baiting her baby bad. She hated the damn rodent like creature her down the street neighbors owned. What to get the little fur ball with to finally be rid of him. Debating, she longed for something beautiful like a rifle or Uzi but no such luck. Still, she raced into the kitchen and turned in a full circle as the sounds of MacGyver barking and the cat shrieking filled the morning air.

Stopping short, she couldn’t help but smile. She whistled as she walked toward the hall closet. When she’d received the gift from her entire Board at Christmas she really wanted to take the hunk of steel and plastic and shove it somewhere warm, but perhaps it was a women she could literally wrap her hands around. She opened the door and jerked down the box. Staring at the picture, she burst into laughter.

Who would have ever thought they’d actually make a pink BB Gun and that anyone would sell it. Leave it to all the major sporting goods stores. They number was a hot seller. She grabbed the clip, slapped it into the gun and stared down at it for several seconds until MacGyver started howling. “That’s it. Cat. You are mine.”

When she made it outside she could see nothing but MacGyver’s big butt stuck in the air. He must have cornered the skinny cat in the corner. “I’m coming, baby.” Nicky closed the distance and stood with her feet apart. Holding up the gun in a fully arm locked position, she couldn’t quite help but feel like Sylvestor Stallone in one of his movies, his earlier movies. “Move, MacGyver. It’s time for mommy to take care of this.”

As MacGyver reluctantly moved, she tipped her head back and cocked the hammer. Eyeing the furry creature, she issued a dark and foreboding die-you-mother-fucker chuckle just seconds before she realized she was staring into the cold, ugly eyes of one big, black and white shunk.

“Fuck!” The second the spray hit her face Nicky jerked the gun up and heard it go off. As MacGyver yelped and woofed and jumped back allowing her the full spray, she was blinded by the harsh juice and as the wild myriad of sounds from crashing and banging to an intense scream came from the other side of the fence, she realized perhaps picking up the bb gun wasn’t her finest hour.


I hope you enjoyed

Ciao  xxx



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