I seemed to have hit a chord with my story about Golden Retrievers yesterday and I am SOOOOO glad. The truth is I could probably write stories and antics for years to come. My MacGyver even had a page on this blog notice. Granted, mommie dog has been terrible at putting anything new on and that’s going to stop. My personal muse sleeps at my feet or right by my chair pretty much several hours a day as I write and I reach down and pet him and can’t help but smile. He’s a small Golden, an English to be exact,
and can even fit on my lap – well kinda. LOL.

Throughout the day he’ll nudge me to take him out with his sister, a mix named Goldie Hawn. Yes, daddy named her – go figure. He has a special tennis ball times ten that he loves me to throw and he catches. It’s a nice break in the day and he is like a little boy. See? I could simply write about him. When I decided to put the very likeness of MacGyver in the Pinked Series, there have been nothing short of the antics that he does every day smack in the middle of the book. From chasing cats to being skunked (lordy that was fun right at five in the morning too) I’ll put a lot of his real personality into the mix.

He’s going to be a key player throughout as my hero and heroine, namely a sassy community association manager who takes no guff from anyone, and a real HE MAN (wannabe) cop who hates the community and loves the sexy woman to death, MacGyver is always in the mix to growl in ernest cause he’d rather have mommy all to himself. Then there’s the sexy bar owner who’s vying for her hand too. Well, leave it to MacGyver to decide who she’ll be with. Here’s the synopsis of what I’ve been working on for the 4th book – hopefully coming out in September and I’m dong more pup related stories too.


Ah, the sweet thought of being with the man you love in a moment of pleasure and peace. Too bad the criminals were taking a day off. In the end, both Nicky and Tyler were going to call the wretched experience the honeymoon from hell. Not that Nicky didn’t relish the swell house loaned to them by her new brother in law that sat directly on the whitest of beaches in all of Virginia. No, that wasn’t the problem. The naked dead body floating in the swimming pool was. And with their DNA all over the dead body, somehow neither Nicky nor Tyler truly thought either the Virginia Beach Police or the Oceanside Association Board was going to believe they were innocent.

Confined to the community while trying to prove their innocence, they encounter an entirely new set of insane crass people and bizarre situations including a reality show where murderers have a choice and a strip club where the dancers won’t take no for an answer. Somewhere in the middle, it all gets a little bit kinky as a blackmailer stalks the Association owners and interesting porn pictures appear on the internet. Recruited to help the neighbors, Nicky and Tyler realize God fearing people aren’t who they thought they were.

Amidst puppies and poop, Slip and Slide Saturdays, and Whine and Cheese parties every night, their two weeks can’t go by fast enough. Still, there was the haunting stranger that broiled her wild desires and drove Tyler to the edge of reason. And when the killer is found wearing leather and lace, they both decide Richmond is a much safer insane asylum.

Have a great day!






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