Your Dog Gets to Decide?

Posted: August 16, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Yep. that’s the case in my very sassy and complicated world of PINKED. Nicky French is a woman after my own heart. She loves to be sassy and spontaneous and she’s ballsy and opinionated. For those who know the real girl in me behind Dakotah Black, that’s the kind of woman I am. Having said that, I also love animals so as you can imagine, I had to have a character in the series that is almost exactly like my real life pup, MacGyver. I even named him the same in the book.

MacGyver came to Nicky in a rather unconventional way. See she was kidnapped by a group of burley bikers who in truth were trying to protect her. Of course she didn’t know that at the time. Anyone, the dog kinda came along for the ride so to speak and after the event was all over (one that included a lot of dead bodies killed in creative methods) she adopted the pup. Immediately he became protective of her.

She also has two men vying for her complete affections including one very sexy and rugged cop, Tyler Deverall, who is a mainstay character and Mick St. Simon. Imagine all six foot four inches of blond hulking Aussie mass. MMM… While she’s actively dating both, she know she can’t continue to do that and just when she’s not certain how to decide, MacGyver does it for her. Now you aren’t going to know the decision until the next book in the series. Here’s the synopsis from the last one. See what you think.


Nicky was sick and tired of hearing about the stench of garbage from the landfill across from Leopard’s Pointe. So sick in fact she scheduled a meeting with Skylorn Landfill’s owner, Bruno Carletti. When Nicky found out all five members of the Board of Leopard’s Pointe, laying dead in the muck near the edge of the landfill, she headed for Mick’s bar and a kiss of the Irish from her partner, Tyler. Now it went without question that the Board wasn’t going to be successful in shutting down Skylorn’s operation. But the question was–did the owner of the tiny trash company know what was going on?

And then there’s the hot twin from Sampson Wright Development, Parker Barrington, who wasn’t only a suspect in the murders, but a known associate with the Italian Trash Cartel. As Nicky and Tyler start trying to solve the murders, mysterious sewage finds its way into every home in the Leopard’s Point, the area’s most upscale condominium community. Needless to say, everyone is in a cranky mood.

When the landscaper is accused of maiming the Grounds Committee Chair with a weed eater, things go from bad to worse in the blink of an eye. And just as Nicky and Tyler they have it all figured out, the local ice cream truck begins selling drugs next to the rocket pops and fudge bars. It’s amazing what you can buy for $4.99 Then there’s the trash dump right outside their front gate. So what’s a community manager to do? Buy spandex and pray for a miracle.

 Now see why Nicky needs a dog?

Contest time – tell me how a dog or cat has interfered with your date or a night of whoopie. The best and I get to select will receive a copy of any one of the Pinked Series.

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  1. Shadow says:

    Happy anniversary!! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you! 🙂 Wishing you many, many more years of success! Many blessings to you all! Thanks for sharing!

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