About Dakotah Black

Just who is Dakotah Black anyway? Dakotah is a second pseudonym for published author, Cassandre Dayne. Why the name change? Because unfortunately there is still a stigma attached to erotic romance writers. I hate to say that but it’s the fact. As Cassandre I constantly have to fight the battle of is it porn or something else. In addition, the real girl manages community associations and while my stories are wild and wacky, they are based entirely on situations that have happened to me in my sixteen plus years.

Managing community associations is certainly not rewarding but I can only imagine what living there would be like in general! Can you handle being told how many flowers you can plant or the size of statues that you can have in your mulch bed? Could you tolerate being told that no, you can’t paint your house blue? Don’t get me wrong, associations have their place in trying to maintain beautiful and growing communities but there are times I wonder if they go too far.

Pinked is a wacky series where no one takes themselves too serious and the major players of the little world really try to do the right thing. You’ll get a taste of some very creative murders, a bit of interesting if not insane people and a taste of an internet creation – a bar that I LOVE – called the Flamingo Rustler. I also successfully managed to cross over Cassandre and Dakotah with the bar and the characters. Lucifer’s Lair is a man cave nestled inside the bar where all things sensual happen. Wicked Wager Among Friends – Tales from Lucifer’s Lair is my first in the erotic series and can be found under Cassandre Dayne at All Romance E Books, Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Pubit to name a few.

I’m pleased and thrilled that my current publisher, Rebel Ink Press, has picked up the Pinked Series. I’m honored in their trust and hope to have a long term relationship as both girls!

I hope you’ll enjoy my wild worlds where Nicky, Tyler and the very hot Aussie man, Mick St. Simons brings you a taste of romance and their own special brand of nuttiness. You’ll also get a taste of real life food and drink recipes so imagine the fun. Oh and Dakotah, is a hard Harley ridin’ girl that loves her men rugged and her drinks saucy. Give Leopard’s Pointe a taste and find out if it’s a little too insane for you!

Chow baby   xxx


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