MacGyver… In His Words

December 17th – It’s the holiday time and I should say I know all about that but with all the hustling and busting mom is doing I just don’t know! She’s been grouchy late too which isn’t like her. I know she has to deal with the nut cases at Leopard’s Pointe – at least she talks about that all the time but GEEZ mom, I just want to play. Granted, I like to play really early in the morning when it’s still dark outside and sometimes mom throws a fit. Why do humans need to sleep all the time anyway?

And she keeps telling me if I’m not good Santa Paws won’t come and visit. Is that the big fat man in the red suit? That guy kinda scares me. Not sure I want him visiting anyway. Mom has enough weirdos to deal with including the cop who just won’t go away no matter how much I growl at him and the strange sounding blond guy who likes to say baby words to me. I just don’t get it. Humans are weird. But mama insists if I want more toys and treats I have to be good.

Like I don’t have enough anyway. She always brings home balls and squeaky toys and things and trust me I can find my own toys if I need to. She got really upset when I ate a pair of shoes. Boy, she screamed in some Italian type language too. I don’t know. I do love going with her to the association though cause I get to make fun of all the other dogs who are forced to wear things like pink frilly dresses. Dresses on a dog? Come on humans. Well, I guess that suits the community.

There’s something about the neon pink lights that are all over the houses that weird me out too. Mom has a lighted tree in the living room but its not pink. I just shake my head and wonder. I just wanted to stop by and say hello and Merry Christmas, whatever that means. You’ll get to formally meet me mom says in January 3rd when the whole world learns of my existence. Until then support all the little pups out there who need a home and remember, furry friends are the best.

Licks and nibbles


October 21st – It’s been a good week! Mom said the book is going well heard the writer telling her story got a new cover so it’s pretty exciting all the way around. While we do keep it kinda secret I sometimes double as a model and was the inspiration for a very sexy story coming up with some fabulous writers working at Rebel Ink Press. Paw Prints is an inspiration and a round table story with all proceeds going to the humane society. It’s pretty cool and I’ll share the cover.

In addition – I play a significant role in the second book getting the back guy by taking a bite out of him so you’ll have to wait and see how I manage to work and play in The Flamingo Wrangler due out on January 17th. So… what have I been up to? Well, trying to decide which man mom should like better – the guy with the funny accent or the one who always seems to wear like a five day stubble. Not quite sure. They both pet me and stuff but they’re kinda weird too.

They do all those little sounds that drive me crazy like coddling me. What do they think I am – a baby? I know I’m real cute and all that but… Geez. That’s why I can’t decide which guy is good for her. She fawns over both of them and it’s kinda weird so I don’t know. She’s getting very happy with having me and I just love being able to sleep all over her bed. I’ll have to get a picture of that for you. Well, it’s time for me to go outside and play. Fall is coming so I have my bright orange ball and love to be outside with mom.

She does make a fuss over me. The only thing I don’t like is the way the collar strangles me. I don’t see humans wearing a collar. Well, mom did say some people do but tells me that’s a totally different story. I don’t know. Humans wearing collars? Well anyway. Have a great weekend and don’t forget and pick up a copy of Pinked.

Licks & Nibbles  


October 12th – Mom is beside herself trying to get me into her lifestyle. I don’t know about this community association management thing. She seems awfully angry with everyone and the few times she’s allowed me to go into the neighborhood well… Let’s just say I didn’t realize humans had no taste in clothing. What’s up with the floral print shirts and long shorts? And old men in sock – ugh. It’s enough to make me seriously appreciate the fact I’m a dog. I know, I don’t understand. Mom does talk to me which is nice and tells me all the time how much she appreciates be being a dog.

That kinda scares me at times but well she’s my human mom. I can tell you that the two guys she’s been – what to they call that – dating? Well anyway the two are really weird and try to kiss her and stuff. I don’t know. I don’t think she likes that very much. And the one time I was on her bed and the big blond guy was there? I thought he was going to kill me. But I was only marking my territory! Honest.

Anyway, just thought I’d stop in and say hello and let you know things are heating up again in Leopard’s Point. So stay tuned!



Well…I’m the new guy around Leopard’s Pointe and I’m not sure how my mom is going to feel about me writing to you but…what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her, right? I’m MacGyver Sedgeley French and mom adopted me. Well in truth I adopted her. Jumped into the car window one day cause I thought she was darn cute. She’s a bit testy at times and has one too many boyfriends who I really am not sure about but I’m tolerating them right now.

Mom says I’m her sidekick and I kind of like that. She allows me on the couch and I sleep on her pillow and do what she calls naughty things to the pillows, especially when she has one of those men over. Bluck! How can humans kiss so much? Anyway, I’m going to every once in awhile give you a little bit about me and what I’m doing. I’m not being introduced until the second huge event that happens in Leopard’s Pointe but I think the waiting is worth it. Of course I would say that! I am my mother’s dog after all!

So join in our little adventure today as we learn to bite…er  love the neighbors in the wacky community and see why I am going to become the most loved pup of all!



  1. Ashlyn Chase says:

    What a cute dog! I love Goldens.

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