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I ask myself that every day. I’m joining in the fabulous blog hop for Rebel Ink Press and this release is smokin’ – fun that it. I get to kill people in the most creative fashions and I love it. The series is about managing community associations and trust me, it’ll knock your socks off the reality of what some people can do. This is campy and fun so take a ride with me…




Pulling into the parking lot, she eyed the number of cars and wondered if there was ever a slow night in paradise. Granted, the watering holes in this part of town were few and far between so Mick had a captive audience. Sometimes she was grateful. Sometimes she was terrified. Tonight, she wanted nothing more than to drink a frothy concoction and listen to the wild stories involving the bar to take her mind off all the crap happening lately. Then again, at least there was only one dead body. Why did she have the feeling she should say so far?

As she climbed out and locked the door, she fluffed her hair and gazed down at her outfit. Not bad. There was no bodyguard flanking the door, which meant it was a quiet night in the joint. Before entering she pursed her lips, brushed her hands down the length of her outfit and adjusted her bra. A girl always had to look her best after all. When she walked inside she took a deep whiff and knew instantly the chef must be making some shrimp dish. Her mouth watering, she realized the vibrant neon pink flashing lights and odd looking pictures on the walls made her feel so much like home.


Hearing Froggy’s voice brought back so many memories and while not all of them were good, Nicky couldn’t help but smile. And then check her attire to make sure no body parts were hanging out. The rather scandalous pictures in the newspaper had been bad enough, although excellent for the bar business. “Hi ya. What’s cookin’?”

“My guess is you when Mick gets a load of you. Come on over here, girl. Was thinkin’ I needed to send out a search warrant for you,” Froggy grinned as he leaned over the bar.

“Very funny. I’ve just been busy.” The explosions and murders really had taken its toll on everyone. As Nicky sidled up to the bar, she stole a glace around the perimeter of the bar and fortunately didn’t see a single Leopard’s Pointe board member – at least that she recognized.

“He’s in his office. Do you want me to get him for you?”

“No!” She hated when Froggy teased her but the man could see right through her like few could. Well, there was Ruby and the Tyler and several of the board members but that didn’t count. Huffing, she shook her head. “Can I just have a drink please?”

“So demanding tonight.” Froggy laughed. “You get one on the house tonight, lovely lady.” Patting the top of the bar, he moved back to make her a drink.

Nicky sighed as she settled into the bar stool and then stole several glances up the long stairway to Mick’s office. Nibbling on her bottom lip, she pulled out her phone to see if Tyler had left her a message and then had to fight giggles as they bubbled to the surface. Hadn’t she suddenly turned into the town… The thought gave her the shivers. As the subtle strains of some fluffy disco music vibrated the walls, she smiled to no one in particular. So life wasn’t perfect but she had a job and friends and…

“Well, look who happened on my little place of business.”

His hot breath alone was enough to make her shiver. “I had a meeting, well almost a meeting. No, I was supposed to have a meeting but the group, you know the board members didn’t show up and…” As he flanked her side wearing a mischievous grin, she hissed knowing she sounded like a ten year old. “I’m sorry. Long week. Very bad homeowners.”

“Sure. I’m very glad I still have that effect on you. Are you here to inquire about our date?”

The gleam in his eye mixed with the musky scent of his cologne and she wanted to reach out and smack Mick for looking so damn good. “No, seriously. I had basically and entire board not show up for a meeting.” Hmm… It certainly did seem more than just odd to her. Maybe she needed to take a drive through the community later – just to see what was what.

“Something about the company?”

“Very funny, white boy. No. I have a bad feeling there’s something going on in the community.” As Froggy moved in their direction, the drink in his hand was ginormous and she had a very bad feeling.

“There’s always something going on in the community. I hear things all the time, luv. What do you think it is this time? Maniacs on bikes stealing from old folks? Perhaps a group of senior citizens grouping together for a strip tease act?”

“Hysterical.” Giving him the finger, Nicky gave him a sideways glance before a new customer caught her eye. As he made his way toward a table in the back he continued to look over his shoulder. The term cagey had nothing on this one. Was it possible that he was… No, the look was somehow different but still as slimy. “I don’t know what to make of it yet. Murder, prostitution and drugs all go together so who knows what we’re dealing with.”

“Said like a real trooper and you said I had an odd job. What did you make for her this time, Froggy?” Mick grinned as he leaned against the bar and pursed his lips.

“This time something simple. An Electric Lemonade with a kick. And I’m not telling you what that is,” Froggy said as he grinned and wagged his tail behind the bar.

That meant the drink was gonna kill her and why again was Mick leering at her? “You do have an odd job and don’t forget you’re doing it doggy style on Saturday.” As soon as she said the words she regretted them given the knowing looking passing Froggy’s face. Giving him a harsh glare, she licked the end of the tangerine colored straw for emphasis.


Nicky was sick and tired of hearing about the stench of garbage from the landfill across from Leopard’s Pointe. So sick in fact she scheduled a meeting with Skylorn Landfill’s owner, Bruno Carletti. When Nicky found out all five members of the Board of Leopard’s Pointe, laying dead in the muck near the edge of the landfill, she headed for Mick’s bar and a kiss of the Irish from her partner, Tyler. Now it went without question that the Board wasn’t going to be successful in shutting down Skylorn’s operation. But the question was–did the owner of the tiny trash company know what was going on?

And then there’s the hot twin from Sampson Wright Development, Parker Barrington, who wasn’t only a suspect in the murders, but a known associate with the Italian Trash Cartel. As Nicky and Tyler start trying to solve the murders, mysterious sewage finds its way into every home in the Leopard’s Point, the area’s most upscale condominium community. Needless to say, everyone is in a cranky mood.

When the landscaper is accused of maiming the Grounds Committee Chair with a weed eater, things go from bad to worse in the blink of an eye. And just as Nicky and Tyler they have it all figured out, the local ice cream truck begins selling drugs next to the rocket pops and fudge bars. It’s amazing what you can buy for $4.99 Then there’s the trash dump right outside their front gate. So what’s a community manager to do? Buy spandex and pray for a miracle.

I hope you enjoyed