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Well I have my answer
I’ve often said that animals are much better than people and I think there are many reasons. Dogs are my personal favorites but I love horses and cats, snakes and rabbits so I think I’m simply an animal lover. I have two dogs and one is the inspiration for the ongoing furry canine in the Pinked Series – MacGyver, my pup’s real name, and I did a take off on a piece originally for an anthology collection and now being released as a stand alone. I’m so very proud because the cover has my pup as the model. Isn’t that awesome?

In penning pieces with animals, it’s amazing not only how many emotions you can evoke in using them but also the way in which you need to remember to depict them. They have different needs than humans do and they act differently. From the love and wagging of the tail to simply remembering they can’t stay in the house all day long while your characters are gone, writing with and about them is entirely different. I love also using them to “camp” up a scene. All they have to do sometimes is get into a little bit of mischief and you have just gotten several laughs – hopefully from your readers.

In the Pinked Series I have a fictional community association neighborhood where anything and everything crazy and campy happens. MacGyver plays a huge part of the fun and a lovely tool that ties several characters together. But in Through the Eyes of a Golden, I used a different Golden Retriever and one who was soothing broken hearts. It’s not an erotic piece by any means. In fact it was designed to be read to your children or your aging mother and father. It’s just a feel good book about what power of an animal’s love. I’ve very proud of the story as it depicts a hell of a lot I think in a short period of time. Here’s a little taste. It’s being released on the 17th from Rebel Ink Press.



Widower William Sowers was torn with a decision to make and one that ripped at his heart. His job as an Animal Control Officer forced him to see too many horrors inflicted on animals. On his regular route driving through the upscale community, Leopard’s Pointe, he happened on a tethered golden retriever and one who had been in the same place for some time. Determining his owners left him behind he did the one thing that might cost him his job. He took the pup as his own and yet Blazer remained sad. When a ride back to his old neighborhood caused a flurry of tail wagging, Bill opened the door.

Bette Parker was alone and saddened by the death of Blazer’s owner. Jake was her friend and constant companion. When the pup disappeared she was beside herself with worry since injury kept her from caring for the abandoned dog. Suddenly Blazer and a handsome man appeared at her doorstep and she thought a touch of divine intervention was finally occurring in her lonely life. Unfortunately Jake’s son wanted the pup and she was forced to reveal where he was. As Bill struggled to deal with his heartache from losing his wife and Blazer, a little magic was sprinkled.


Bill sighed as he rubbed his eyes. How many years had he been doing this job? The answer was too long. While he loved animals more than anything, it was some of the people who owned them he could no longer stomach. How many vile acts of mistreatment had he seen during his years? Too many. His heart ached for the stories and the poor babies and every one of them he’d longed to take home. Chuckling, he rubbed his tired eyes. If only he could.

As he drove into Leopard’s Pointe waving to Fred, the long time security guard, he shook his head. Sadly the guards not only knew him by name but they’d struck up a conversation or two about their respective experiences in the Korean War. There were too many sad tales in the expensive neighborhood regarding animals. People simply took them for granted.

He eased the truck up the main drag and glanced back and forth at the well-kept landscaping. People kept their lawns better than their animals. Bill, that’s no way to think. Mind your manners. Grinning, he thought about his wife of almost forty years and couldn’t help but smile. Margaret was always right. He’d developed a rather surly attitude after only a few years of being what was called a dogcatcher back in the days. Today William Sowers was a Deputy in the Animal Control Division of Chesterfield County. Which simply meant, he was a dogcatcher.

As he drove through the various neighborhoods thankfully seeing nothing that would require his intervention, he headed toward the one location troubling him the most. Leopard’s Mane was one of the older communities nestled within the gated community association and while the yards were still well maintained, he could tell there was a contingency of older people living in the neighborhood. Sadly that meant more calls about animal issues.

Turning up the heat in his truck he still shivered to the bone. It was damn cold in Virginia in February. At least the sun was burning brightly in the sky showering down like a beacon of hope. Too bad he couldn’t keep those feelings as he drove down one particular street. Every time he did Bill groaned, his heart thumping in his chest. Today was no different. There was no doubt he knew what he’d find – the pup. The creature was more than just a bone of contention. The realization was nagging him to death. Unable to sleep or eat over the past two weeks, he contemplated what the hell to do. Just as he had night after night lying awake in his bed, his heart racing and still he wasn’t certain.

Easing down the street slowly, Bill prayed as he always did that things would be different and the pup would be safely nestled inside perhaps by a roaring fire while his master read a book or watched a movie, content to have a loving fur ball by his side. But as the house came into view he could see his hopes were abated. “Hey little pup. I see you.” Why the hell didn’t anyone else? Were they blind?

He dropped his head and tried to figure out what to do. The dog was obviously chained and while the golden fluff ball had some run of what was a back yard, the pup looked worse and worse every time Bill came into the neighborhood. Granted there was a car parked in front in the driveway, but the house itself had the look of abandonment. In truth several of the houses on the street did. Slowing the car down, he pulled to the curb and parked and could easily hear the poor creature barking up a storm.

Weighing what to do he climbed out of his car and surveyed the neighborhood. He knew one thing for sure. If he took the dog to the county facilities there was a probable likelihood the dog would be put down if the owner didn’t come to claim him. Bill walked up the long driveway and stood in front of the main door. He’d thought about knocking how many times and hadn’t? This time he muscled up the courage and did just that.

Hearing nothing for several minutes, Bill knocked again and inhaled deeply. He could see a partially open curtain and walked to the window. As he peered inside he grew more concerned. There were several moving boxes and very little furniture. The owners had obviously left the dog. “Damn it!” Anger boiled within him. Why the hell couldn’t the people do something better than simply leave their dog behind? What could he do? Bill thought about his family and shook his head. His son lived in Oregon and his daughter hated animals. Sadly he didn’t think some of his friends would be candidates either.

Bill had to at least check on the dog up close and personal and then make his decision. As he neared the corner of the house he resisted gasping. The pool baby had at some point gotten himself tangled in something. He had obvious cuts on his back leg that were healing and in truth he wasn’t as skinny as Bill would have imagined. As the dog backed away he could clearly see the sex. “Hey there, boy. I won’t hurt you.” Kneeling down on his bad knees he grunted but kept still as he held out his hand.

I very much hope you enjoyed and remember to love your pets. Animal cruelty is far too rampant out there.

Purr babies and Ciao