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Well, you know this rather festive girl has to participate in the Rebel Ink Press Summer Heat event. It’s a little original flash fiction for you and mine is based on my Pinked Series – about campy murder and mystery in community association living. What is flash fiction? This time its based on a picture prompt and you write 250 words no more and no less, with whatever suits your fancy. Don’t forget to stop by all the other sexy flashers and comment on the main Rebel Ink Blog site for a chance to win prizes.


Nicky French gazed at the group of unruly homeowners and groaned before thinking about throwing back more than a single shot of tequila. There was nothing like watching a bunch of overgrown and overweight men and women argue about what color the clubhouse needed to be. She tapped her red stiletto on the dingy tile floor and thought about finding another job. In another country. Perhaps on another planet.

“Nicky, aren’t you going to give us your thoughts on the color selection?”

Hearing her Board President’s gravely voice did nothing but grate her nerves. Eyeing his bright pink Madras shorts and what could only be described as puke green golf shirt, she could only envision him doing the slip and slide at the community event the night before. There was nothing like seeing a sixty some year old man attempting to do a line dance. “How about fuchsia, Ray?” she cooed, her voice filling with disdain.

“Fuchsia?” Ray chortled and turned his head to the other members sitting at the table.

Sighing, she watched the oh-so-young male lifeguard and couldn’t help but think nasty thoughts. After all, there was little else to do.

“Done! Fuchsia it is!” Ray slapped his hand on top of the table, the sound reverberating into the room and whooped as the entire room clapped.

Narrowing her eyes, Nicky realized they were serious and also knew she needed a cat scan. “You are kidding, right?”

“No, it’s perfect. You’re a genius.”

Genius? Oh yeah, heavy drinking.

Ciao babies   xxx



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